Call for extras at ZOECon!

Okay, a big part of having this con is to shoot a movie, right? Well, here’s your chance to be an extra, and appear in GAMERS 3: HANDS OF FATE!

The scheduled times we will need extras are as follows:

11AM – 2 PM Shooting Block #1 – 20 open slots, Convention Center Hallway
3 PM – 6 PM Shooting Block #2 – 20 open slots, Convention Center Hallway
11 AM – 2 PM Shooting Block #1 – 15 open slots, Exhibitor Hall (Dallas Room)
2 PM – 7 PM Shooting Block #2 – 15 open slots, LARP Area (Phoenix Room)
9 AM – 12 PM Shooting Block #1 – 10 open slots, Cass’s Room (to be announced)
12 PM – 3 PM Shooting Block #2 – 10 open slots, Hotel Lounge
We will have sign-up sheets available for each shooting block at the registration table on Friday, first come, first served. You’ll need to be there the entire time, and follow directions from the crew. We would also ask that you NOT wear your ZOECon shirts or pins during filming, as this needs to look as much like Gen Con as possible – and ZOECon hadn’t happened when Gen Con ran in August! For continuity!
If you have any questions or concerns about appearing on film, just ask one of our friendly and courteous staffers who will be on-hand at the show. We’ll be more than happy to answer! See you in three days!
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4 comments on “Call for extras at ZOECon!
  1. Amanda says:

    Wooooo wait I thought the convention started at noon? if the shooting is starting at 11? agh !! Also i’m in the larp on saturday is that our official time? and if so is it okay if i wear my larp costume at the con durin other shootings? :)

  2. Amanda says:

    What will registration be like? I wasn’t sure if I should print out my kickstarter details or not?

    Also can’t wait for friday! if you guys need extra help setting up i’d totally be game (local to the area) otherwise i’ll see you guys on friday for adventure!


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