About ZOECon

What the heck is a ZOE, and why does it have a con?

ZOECon 2012 is an exclusive gaming and film convention – only 250 tickets are available! – in the Pacific Northwest. We will have many great gaming options, screenings, panels with local film and game personalities, and will even be filming a movie! ZOE’s focus on fan supported and creator distributed entertainment will ensure three days packed with independent games, films, and literature that were created through the passion and dedication of fans and creators. ZOECon is brought to you by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

What’s this “movie” deal?

You could end up on screen in the feature length film The Gamers: Hands of Fate! Even if you don’t end up on screen, every attendee of ZOECon will be credited in the film. Zombie Orpheus Entertainment will be shooting scenes from the new movie at the convention all weekend long.

Will ZOECon happen again next year?

While nothing in life is certain, we have a pretty good feeling that this con will be so enormously popular that we can’t HELP but to make it an annual event. Come join us, and tell us what you think!