Tickets to ZOECon are “Pay What You Want.” Seriously. 

Friends, Fans and Fanatics,

You ever catch yourself in the middle of a project and realize you’re in way, waaay over your head? And that you’ve gone about this thing entirely the wrong way, and need to start over from scratch?

Yeah, we know that feeling too.  We lost our way with ZOEcon and so we’re pulling a mulligan and rebooting.

We’re still hosting the con, and there will still be filming and games and screenings and waffles on the weekend of November 9-11. And you’re still invited, and we’d love to see you! But we realized somewhere along the way that we’ve been going about this all wrong. What we really need to do is throw one hell of a party, to say thanks to you, the greatest fans and supporters any company – making films or not – could ever hope to have.

As such, we’ve decided to offer refunds on every single dime we’ve collected for ticket sales up to this point. Just as we do with our movies, we’re making ZOECon a totally free event (except for hotel rooms, you still need to pay for those if you want them!) You want to attend? Register and show up. That’s all we ask. We’ve upgraded our store registration to a “Pay What You Choose” system that allows you to pay whatever amount you feel appropriate to attend and be part of this con.

Felt like you’ve already given enough? Don’t pay a dime. Really want to see it happen again next year? Maybe pay a bit more. You can only afford so much, but you still really want to attend? Pay what you can. As a truly fan-supported community, we’d like to give back to you as our way of saying thanks, and at the same time allow you to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate to the operational cost of hosting this party. And let’s face it, this is going to be a party for the ages!

We do ask that our fans be sure to register for the convention to sign up and reserve their space.  We’re limited by the hotel itself to a cap of 250 attendees, and there are a lot more fans out there than we can fit into this convention hall. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we’re out, we’re out.

So that’s that. We’ve had our epiphany, learned the hard way, and are going back to what we do best – making cool things and setting out the contributions bucket. Because that’s just how we roll, and attempting to do it any other way has upset the natural karmic balance, so we’re doing the right thing and setting that balance back. Con swag (our exclusive t-shirts, pins, et al) will still be available to folks who keep their contributions above at least $20 per person.

We will see you in two weeks at the Doubletree!

Yours – Zombie Orpheus Entertainment