Games and Events


  1. There are no rules.
  2. When I doubt, see Rule Number 1.
  3. If still in doubt, then use these rules:


  1. Each contestant shall create one waffle of their choice
  2.  The waffle must fit on a standard-size paper plate
  3. The ingredients must be clearly listed on a placard (for allergies and whatnot)
  4. Utensils for judges to sample the waffle must also be provided, be they forks and knives, chopsticks, or “other”.
  5. All ingredients must be provided by the contestant (there is a Safeway grocery nearby)
  6. A Waffle Prep & Practice area will be made available during the con (in the Gamer Snacks Area), but only waffles made during the contest period will be allowed
  7. Contestants must CLEAN UP after themselves! No exceptions!
  8. Any suitable toppings are allowed, but they must be edible
  9. Contestants may bring their own waffle iron if they choose (no deep fat fryers, please), or they may use one of the provided waffle irons; since we anticipate a huge turnout, bringing your own might not be a bad idea…
  10. All waffles must be prepared and served within the allotted one-hour contest time
  11. Judges will be determined randomly from the assembled VIPs, and may or may not be announced in advance of the contest
  12. Bribery, coercion, and outright tampering with the rules of this contest are not only allowed, but are openly encouraged; be creative!
  13. Points will be awarded for presentation, delivery, panache, structure, level of commitment, and of course, how the bloody things taste

Winners will be announced at the end of the contest period, and after suitable time has been allotted for bribery, coercion and shenanigans. Good luck!