About ZOECon

What is ZOECON 2018?

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment works hard to bring you the best in independent and fan-supported film. And we’re hosting a convention to celebrate our fans and creators!

Come join us and your fellow fans for three days of films and games and general nerdery! There will be screenings, trivia, workshops, performances, secret previews, and a whole room just for some of our favorite games. This is your chance to meet us and our chance to thank you in person for all the support you’ve shown us or just to find out more about us.

Register once we go live, and let us know what you would like to see at the show – you can shoot us an email or post to our Facebook group! Schedule details will be released soon and updated as they are confirmed, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates!

ZOECon 2018 is an exclusive gaming and film convention – only a limited  number of tickets are available! – in the Pacific Northwest. We will have many great gaming options, screenings, panels with local film and game personalities, and we may even film a short film with you! ZOE’s focus on fan supported and creator distributed entertainment will ensure three days packed with independent games, films, and literature that were created through the passion and dedication of fans and creators. ZOECon is brought to you by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

ZOE Con merges everything that is important to us: Movies, improv, gaming, and nerdy fun with our amazing fans!

Party Time!

ZOE Con is a celebration of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and our fans who make all our work possible. It’s a three-day party to honor your contributions and show you all the new things we’re cooking up. Most importantly, ZOECon is a chance for us to connect with you directly.