The Wedding

A message from the bride

Hello all ZOECONERS!!!! Christian and I are thrilled to be getting married at ZOECON. We cannot think of a better way to share this important day than with all of you. We wanted to let you all in on see information before the big day…
Christian and I are getting married at 3:30 pm on Sunday the 18th.

Invitations have been sent out to guests. Those who received invitations will be seated first. Once they have been seated, it will be open seating (and maybe standing). We love you all and thank you for your understanding that our family and close friends will be seated first.

Guests are allowed to cosplay. It’s a con! If you wish to attend the wedding and want to cosplay, go for it!!

This is NOT a red card event. No exceptions.

There will be a small reception following the wedding which is also the final party of ZOECON. There will be music, some appetizers, and a cash bar.